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abundanceAbundance is something all of us would like to have. We are often striving to get more: money, time, attention, love, recognition, respect, fun, happiness, etc. Many people believe these things are hard to get:

– that they take a lot of effort
– they will be received in the future
– there is a limited supply

This set of beliefs is related to the old “Scarcity Model” belief system. This mindset keeps us firmly in place to continue striving and waiting, never having as much as we’d like. We learned that delayed gratification is the only way to get anywhere in life. There is another way!

There is another belief system based on the “Abundance Model”. In this model, the world is an abundant place, with an abundance of everything. This abundance is unlimited for everyone, not just a select few. Do you see and recognize the abundance that is all around you? The only way to receive abundance is to be able to notice it, see it and be aware of it. Otherwise, we are like the proverbial horse that you can bring to the water, but can’t make it drink. At every moment, we are on the brink of abundance yet we do not see it — because we refuse to see it. At those times, we are hanging on to old self-limiting beliefs about how the world works.

To begin working with the practice of receiving abundance, follow this four-step process now:

1. First, notice how many of the Scarity model ideas are part of your belief system now (see above).

2. Allow yourself to let go of these beliefs for the moment in order to try on a new way of thinking and being in the world.

3. Wherever you are, look around right now and notice what is good in your environment:

What items are useful to you?

What objects are attractive or appealing to you?

What aspects make you feel comfortable, at ease or at peace?

4. Most importantly, take some time now, to experience the fullness of having each of those things in your environment right now. You will not be receiving this abundance until you allow yourself to feel the “I have this now in my life” experience.

Everything you are experiencing in your environment, you have, even if you do not own it, which is more essential than owning it. Many people own things without really enjoying them. Fortunately, the opposite is also true: you can enjoy everything without having to own it. The trick is not to pay for more (and hence own more), it is to learn how to experience more. And the more you experience, the truly richer you are. Practicing these steps everywhere and in all situations is the key to an abundant life!