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goalLet’s take a look at a three-part process to achieving great goals.

Step 1  – Deciding on a worthy goal

Your goals need to be aligned with your personal values and purpose in order to keep up your motivation.  If they are not aligned with your values, you’ll soon find reasons not to pursue them at all.

What do these two words mean? Values are things that are important to you, that you hold dear and that you will prioritize. That means that you will make time and space for these things, and that you will focus your resources on them. Resources are things like: time, money, energy, patience, intelligence and ability.

Purpose has to do with what you believe you are meant to accomplish in your lifetime. It is the reason you are here in the first place, and gives meaning to your life as a whole. Purpose can have to do with helping or caring for others, bringing something new into the world, being creative or inventive, leaving a mark on the world.

Deciding on a goal or resolution takes some thought. Do not skip over the process of checking to see if your goal truly fits your values, and inner self. If you rush onto the second step of  how to get there, you may undermine yourself.

For example, if you think it would be nice to have more money as a goal, and rush into how to get it by thinking about how to get it, you have bypassed the first step. Why do you want the money? Do you want more freedom or control? To feel more relaxed? To prove yourself to others? Depending on the answers to these and other questions, your goal may need to be revised.

Step 2 –  The How -To Get There

Once you decide on your goals you can begin to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This where you begin to get into the “nitty-gritty” of  how to take steps toward your goal. Often, each of the steps is an achievement itself. Again, take some time to think it through.

Start by thinking of all the things you’ve tried before to reach this goal and to write them down. Then think about the past ideas you’ve never tried. Lastly, get creative and think of as many other methods that you hadn’t or would not consider for various reasons. Sometimes this last set of ideas shows how you have limited yourself. Has anyone done used these methods and been successful? Are they in alignment with your values? It can also get the creative juices flowing in this area, especially if you’ve been stuck at the ” how ” point in the past.

Step 3 –  Daily Action Steps

Your goals may need several steps to achieve. Each step can be broken down further into daily actions. For example, you might do research one day, make phone calls on another, etc. It may seem overwhelming to start, and you might have no idea  where  to start. You don’t need to know the exact place to start or exactly how you will get from here to your goal. You simply need to start. Once you start, it will become more and more clear with each step what needs to happen next.

A personal coach can help you develop your goals, break them down, and help keep you on track. It can really make the difference having a support person as you dive into a new project. Let me know how I can be of assistance.