Sometimes clients will ask questions like these:

“What should I do with my life?”

“I want to have a mission, not just day to day tasks – How do I know what to do with my life?”

These are truly some of the big questions, and so I will give you some “food for thought” about finding your mission in life.  __________________________________________________________________

All knowing comes from you, through you. When you think about your mission, you must turn within. When you think about what your highest good is, then this will guide you to your mission.

Longing is one way of knowing what good you can bring to the world. Your longing can be fulfilled in many, many ways.

When you figure out what you are longing for, surrender completely to what you want and allow it to consume you, to consume all that you are as a person. Let it be that there is nothing you wouldn’t give for your longing, to achieve it. Nothing else matters. Everything is gladly given up in service of your aim. When you do this, all struggle falls away, stress and tension are released and fulfillment is reached.

Step into the fullness of each moment with passion and desire. Allow your desire to embolden you, to allow you to let go of all the false gods of ego and complacency, to pull you forward to your highest good.

I hope these words will get you inspired and thinking more about your mission in life. When you live your mission, you have a sense of purpose and meaning that will invigorate you!