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This year, February 29 is our extra day to take the leap we’ve been preparing to make. Is there something special you like to do or achieve? What are you waiting for? You truly have a whole extra day this year to do something you’d like to do — and yet, for some reason you aren’t taking the leap.

If you aren’t taking the leap, chances are you have some doubts and hesitations that are holding you back. You might think that you have logical reasons to wait, but the truth is that you probably have some negative beliefs about yourself that prevent you from taking constructive action.

What are some of those beliefs? Beliefs like, “I’m not good enough”, “Nothing I do is good enough”, “I’m not capable” and others like them. These thoughts will paralyze you at worst, or make it a struggle to move forward at least. You might not even be aware that you have negative beliefs, but chances are good that if you are holding back from doing something you know would be the right step to take, that you have subconscious negative beliefs.

Did you know that you could eliminate those negative beliefs that are holding you back from success? Yes, you can! I have a negative belief elimination technique that I use with coaching clients to get rid of them permanently.

What will happen if you get rid of your negative beliefs? You’ll be alleviated from fear, anxiety, doubt or other negative feelings that arise from the belief. Imagine holding a belief like “I’m not capable”. Notice how it makes you feels helpless or powerless when you say it. Every time you think about doing something that might require skill, or that you’ve never done before, you might have the thought that, “Oh, I could never do that.” It would stop you right in your tracks.

Maybe on another level you KNOW that you are physically or mentally capable of doing whatever it is, or at least learning how to do it if it is a skill you need to develop. But with this negative belief you would be prevented from even trying in the first place. This is one of the negative beliefs that keep so many people from doing things they’ve always wanted to do, but never thought they could, like:

writing a book

public speaking

starting a business

switching to a new job or career

learning to sing, dance, do art, etc.

go back to school for an advanced degree

and the list goes on . . .

Ask yourself right now, “What would I be doing that I really want to do, if I wasn’t holding myself back?” You can do what you want and achieve your dreams if you take the action needed. Your life will unfold in a whole new way if you allow it to happen. If you are serious about removing your mental blocks to success, I can show you the way.

Happy Leap Year!