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Do you run your own business? Are you pretty good at what you do? There are many people out there who are extremely capable at what they do. They are educated and highly experienced in their field. But no matter how competent you are at what you do, you might find yourself losing customers. Attracting and keeping happy customers requires more than a great product, it requires excellent customer service skills that enhance and support an overall superior customer experience.

Superior customer service includes understanding your customer’s wants and needs, and being responsive. If you are naturally a “people person” then actively listening to your customers and responding to their requests will be a snap. But if you tend to get caught up in working on your product and business, and get stressed about dealing with people, it can be easy to forget and neglect your customers.

If you struggle with the people skills you need to relate to your customers, I highly encourage you to look into developing your communication skills. If you become nervous or feel hesitant about dealing with customers, your best bet would be to get the help you need to lose any negative beliefs getting in your way. You’ve poured so much of your heart and soul into creating your business, and while they may seem like soft skills, they’re essential to your success. Grow your social intelligence and watch your business grow as well.

Your relationship with your customers is the way you maintain contact and provide products and services to them. You will lose the very people you struggled so hard to reach in the first place if you are:

  • difficult to contact
  • fail to return phone calls or emails within a short period of time
  • slow to accept product returns and provide refunds

Your customers are your most precious asset – let’s face it, without them, you don’t have a business at all. Treat them as such by building your social intelligence skills for a superb customer experience.