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The two sets of curved lines represent the two people involved in any relationship. The color red represents love and passion and yellow represents friendship and companionship. The lines intersect equally and form the top of a heart shape! If you didn’t see it the first time, look again!

There are many other interesting meanings attributed to these colors, and in other cultures. Here are some of the meanings listed at www.color-wheel-artist.com:

Positive Meanings of Yellow

  • Spirituality, Enlightenment
  • Luminosity, Sunlight
  • Cheerfulness, Happiness
  • Optimism, Hope
  • Energy, Intuition
  • Manifestation, Opportunity
  • Alertness, Awareness
  • Wisdom, Intelligence

Positive Meanings of Red

  • Virility, Sex
  • Passion, Love
  • Heat, Daring
  • Boldness, Independence
  • Action, Dynamism
  • Energy, Speed
  • Fun, Excitement
  • Vigor, Vitality
  • Courage, Strength

There’s more information about how colors affect us energetically and the chakras for each at www.sensationalcolor.com.

What colors attract you and how do you use them in your environment? Tell me in the comments section below.