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One of the biggest challenges to success is to stay motivated once you set a goal. It can be difficult to keep going through the ups and downs, struggles and seeming lack of progress. Your goal could be something you’ve wanted for a long time but didn’t know how to achieve it. Perhaps your goal is big and seems insurmountable. In that case, it helps to break it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Taking small steps on a daily basis will add up to a major effort.

Even after you get started and have seen some success, it can be difficult to keep going. One way to maintain long-term progress is to have a higher purpose – an important reason why you want your goal. Are you trying to improve your health, get out of debt, or launch a new venture? Try to remember the big picture when you face daily food temptations, financial setbacks, a constricted budget, or other obstacles to your progress.

Another way to recharge motivation is simply to watch others who have overcome the odds to succeed in their goals. There are some wonderful videos on YouTube that could inspire you to step up and take the action you need for your own goals. Here are is one that I hope will inspire you to success today:

Do you have a favorite way to stay motivated or a motivational video you would like to share? Post it in the comments below for everyone’s benefit. I’d really appreciate it!