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2013 is winding down and it’s a good time to make plans for 2014. steps to goal

Putting a strategy on your dreams for the future will change them from fantasy to attainable goals.

If you know what is necessary to reach your goals, it should be easy, right?

It’s not enough to know what to do. Why don’t some people reach their goals if they already know what steps to take to get there? They never take action because they have a fear that stops them right away:

I’m supposed to know what I’m doing before I start.

In other words, I should already be good at it before I start. If you believe you should already feel confident at what you are doing when you have never done it before, it puts you into a kind of conundrum. You can’t already feel adept something you’ve never actually done.

Many people try to overcome this fear by spending lots of time doing research, reading “how to” books and watching instructional videos. They procrastinate and put off their goal a little longer, until they have more education or information. They never feel fully prepared. There is always the sense that, even will all that knowledge, they are still inexperienced and could fail.

The only way to fully overcome this block it to release the limiting belief. You can learn more about how to find your personal beliefs and how to release them in my new book, Ending Anger: The Couple’s Guide.

What would you need to do to reach one of your big goals for 2014? In the comments below, write down one action step you could take towards achieving your goal, and tell me if you are “ready” to take action on it!