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Recently, I was talking with a woman who said she and her husband had been having a tough time of late. They were arguing and feeling bitter toward one another. You would think that they were having trouble with major issues, but most often I hear that a couple’s arguments are about simple, everyday kinds of issues.

She said to me, “It’s such a small request. Why can’t he just go along with my wishes?”

Of course, he feels the same way about her. Sometimes we feel shocked or insulted when your partner refuses to do something simple for you.

She joked that what they really needed was a “referee” to come to their home to monitor their arguments. As interesting as that sounds, we both knew it wouldn’t be practical to call on a third-party every time you had an argument with your partner.

Since this wasn’t the first time I had heard someone say something like this, it got me thinking. Conflicts can get out of hand, and emotions get out of control. Something as simple as a discussion can lead to hours of emotional pain and hurt. Poorly handled conflicts can eventually destroy your relationship.

What couples need is a precise blueprint – a set of steps and guidelines to manage conflicts at home. It would need to be concise and to the point, so that they could be used in a high-stress situation. They would also need to be broad enough to cover any type of conflict issue.

Blueprint for Successful Couple's Negotiations

Blueprint for Successful Couple’s Negotiations

No more out of control arguments! Keep your conversation focused and productive instead of destructive. A complete set of clear and easy-to-use guidelines to help you master conflict and solve problems rapidly at home. It’s like having a virtual counselor at your side to help you and your partner successfully navigate your conflict.

Take a look at what you’ll find in this Blueprint:

  Do’s and Don’ts for your conflict discussion

  How to Prepare for the discussion

  How to Begin the discussion

  How to End the discussion and more . . .

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