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I had an insight today that felt really big for me. It had to do with helping others by helping myself. You see, if you work in the helping professions as a teacher, counselor, coach or healer, it is easy to help others. But sometimes it can be harder to help yourself. This can be especially true if you are a woman or a mother.

We all need other people to help support us in our own growth, but it can be difficult. For some people, the barrier is that their ego says there is nothing wrong with me – it’s everyone else who has to change! It looks like the problem is out there.

But there is a different barrier is for nurturers and healers like me who want to grow and change. It can feel selfish to ask for support and take the time, energy and focus and put it all on me. I have been pushing myself a lot lately to grow with support, and I got to a point where it seemed liked “too much.”

woman at spa

Today, I really got how my growth isn’t selfish. It is actually HOW I help others. I’m able to bring more value to all of our interactions. The better I am at stretching and growing, the more risks and powerful steps forward my clients will take. It’s inspiring to watch others grow – it shows you that there is a path and it can be done!

My growth is actually HOW I help others.

What is one thing you can do to support your own growth today? Make a commitment to yourself by putting it in the comment section below.