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Are you waiting for things to get better? Are you sitting back hoping your partner will change, that they’ll stop being disrespectful, rude, mean or difficult?

Infinity Clock

If so, I wish you a lot of luck, because waiting for something or someone to change for you is usually a pipe dream. If you think that your partner is to blame for your relationship troubles, it’s going to be a very long wait.

What we don’t realize is that when we sit back and doing nothing, we’re actually choosing something – we’re choosing to remain stuck, right where we are.

You may think that you’re “on the fence” about making a decision, that maybe you’ll take action later, or tomorrow. But every day that you put off taking action is a day that you’ve chosen to do nothing and keep things exactly the same.

Let me ask you this: How long have things been this way between you and your partner? Do you really want to go another week not really talking or connecting, or arguing and feeling hurt and frustrated?? How about another month, or another year?

Many of the couples I’ve worked with have been stuck in the same patterns for years! What a waste of time that you could be spending laughing, connecting and enjoying wonderful times together! You’re losing precious days of your life now and, I hate to say it, but none of us is getting any younger.

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