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FEATURE ARTICLE of the Unforgettable Embrace newsletter

“When Will I Meet The Person I Fall in Love With?” 

If you’re single, you’ve probably been asking yourself this question for a while, and it’s because so many people think about love in this way. They think that you can’t experience love unless you meet someone in particular that creates the feeling of love inside of you.

What is wrong with this question?

Well, for starters, it puts the whole experience of love out of your hands! It makes you completely dependent on someone else for how you feel, which is never a good thing.

cold and lonely roadThe other reason why this is the wrong question to ask is that it puts your life on hold. You will be sitting around waiting for that special someone to show up before you feel you can live fully. And who knows if or when that person will arrive. And if they do show up, will you recognize each other as the ONE you should be with? There are just too many “ifs” in this scenario, and how can you bet your life and your happiness on so many unknowns?

There is a better way!

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