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Are You Ready For Changes in Your Relationship? 

Fall leaf

Do you remember when you first got together with your partner and it felt so right? It was easy to work things out and find time for each other.

But time moves forward and I’m guessing that for many of you, your relationship isn’t the same anymore. After a while the magic seemed to wear off, and you started to focus a lot less on each other and a lot more on other things.  Work, paying the bills and other responsibilities started to get in the way of all the things you used to do for fun.

What happened?

This change starts when you begin to take each other for granted. In some ways it’s due to your commitment to stay together – you have the luxury of  relying on that person to be there for you. You can spend more time and energy on your different pursuits rather than pursuing each other.

But then the thrill of the chase is gone and you put less effort into your interactions. You argue over big and even little things and can’t seem to work it out anymore. This is the experience of many of the couples I work with.

What do people do when this happens?

There are four groups of people who have different reactions to their relationship problems . . .

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