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The rate of change in our world is increasing exponentially. At some point it will be impossible to keep up. The rules of the game keep shifting. It’s not about becoming better at the game anymore, it’s about having to play an entirely new game and starting from scratch, over and over again. Some say that, “Without change there is no life. If you stagnate you die.” But change isn’t always better. Change just is. And our current trajectory feels less like progress and more like a rapid race to death.

There are incredible, earthshaking changes occurring every day now. When we talk about economic or environmental problems we talk about the world. No longer is it a local problem or even national – it’s international and it affects the entire globe.

We have technology run rampant. It’s no longer serving us – we serve it. We are chained to our devices and soon our master will no longer need us. Artificial intelligence is learning at the speed of computer processing, and it will surpass us within our lifetime.We will be dispensable. If we ever imagined we’d elevate ourselves to the stature of Creator, we may have created a monster. But this monstrous situation can be remedied.

We can release our current belief system.

Right now we humans believe a number of premises that limit and skew our perspective: That technology is superior, that left brain is superior. It leads to imbalance with the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. We’ve heard the warnings of imbalance in the system before, but they become ever more urgent as time passes and new changes tip the scale immensely.

The same issues we grapple with on a microcosmic level or personal level are magnified and played out on a global and cosmic level. They are the limiting, negative, and unhealthy beliefs that affect us in personal ways, and in aggregate affect all of us in global ways.

What are those beliefs?

The beliefs that I don’t have power and I don’t have control, the sense that something is missing or flawed that needs to change and be improved. The idea that things are not okay the way they are and something needs to be done about it.

It seems no matter how much we have it’s not enough. We’re always striving for more. We don’t have enough, and we’re not enough. We don’t look good enough, we don’t feel good enough and we need to change. We believe that there’s not enough (scarcity model) and we’re not worthy, so we don’t value ourselves and feel deficient. Nothing satisfies, nothing is good enough the way it is. Everything needs to change and no matter how much we change it, it needs to change more.

These beliefs are all reflected in the way we operate in the world. They create an underlying dissatisfaction with how things are now. In order to have peace and stability on a global level, we must have it on a microcosmic, personal level. Until then, leaders and people everywhere will be driven to push for external change.

Spiritual leaders have always understood the beauty, simplicity, and wholeness of inner peace. It is described as bliss. When we rid ourselves of all our nagging fears and doubts, negative beliefs and conditioning, we can live in a state of bliss. We will no longer need to be grasping for more and better things, worrying that we’ll never achieve an imagined better life, terrified of losing what we have now, or of being one down, or helpless, etc.

Having rid myself of all kinds of anxiety and negative thinking, and helping many others do the same, I know it can be done. What this world needs is a transformation of our inner world. A transformation of the way we think and feel will transform the way we act in the outer world.

There’s no other way to solve snake swallowing it's tailour current state of affairs. It can’t be solved by using more technology to undo problems created by current technology. That’s a snake chasing its own tail trying to swallow itself. It won’t work. The problem needs to be solved at a different level.

Albert Einstein said,

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

We can all transform our inner world immediately. It can be done. We can release our old ways of thinking and believing. The mission of RelateGreat Premier Coaching Services is to create positive transformation in the emotional well-being of people and to end emotional suffering in the world. If you want to support our mission, please like, comment, and share this post with others. We are all important to the world.