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FEATURE ARTICLE of the Unforgettable Embrace newsletter
Why Won’t My Partner Give Me What I Need? 

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You love your partner and things between you two can be so good. But sometimes he or she can be so uncooperative! It is so frustrating!

Do you ever wonder why your partner won’t give you what you want?

You’ve probably tried many ways to get what you need. Sometimes you asked nicely. Maybe you pleaded and cried and begged. When that didn’t work you made demands, commanded them, or became hostile. You got angry, cursed and yelled at your partner. You called them names, or said they had a weak character. Ugh.

Maybe you blamed them for the breakdown your relationship and said it would create a permanent split. But even with all the silent treatments, angry words, avoidance, withholding of support, and everything you could think of to provoke them into action it still didn’t work.


* Is it that they’re completely incapable, and they can’t do it?
* Is it that they absolutely just don’t get it??
* Or is it that they refuse to do even though they could do it, out of spite, to be mean or controlling?
In the end, it really doesn’t matter if your partner can’t give you what you want or won’t. You still don’t get what you need!

But, there is an important truth about this situation and I want to share it with you right now because it will set you FREE!

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