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FEATURE ARTICLE of the Unforgettable Embrace newsletter
Three Tips to Get Along with Your Family In the New Year 

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It’s a holiday time! Time to be with your family and enjoy some vacation time. It’s supposed to be joyous and fun. But you can be under a lot of stress because of rushing around, spending money and dealing with traffic. You can also find your loved ones getting on your nerves as you are together more than usual.

I encourage you to begin thinking about how you’re going to keep yourself calm and relaxed during the new year. You may want to focus specifically on how you’re going to improve your relationships with your family in the coming months.  As you think about this, I have three pieces of advice that that I’d like to give you. You may use them to think about it and to help you stay calm and truly enjoy your holiday.

 1. Do not let things get to you emotionally

One way of doing this is to start by counting to 10 and think about how things could be good. Wait before responding to things that upset you. In reality things are not really as bad as they seem.

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