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Every woman can be beautiful.

Beauty isn’t makeup — it’s a state of being. It’s complete acceptance and appreciation of yourself. It’s an inner recognition of all your gifts and worth.

Beauty isn’t dependent upon getting recognition from others. Beauty is when your essential nature shines and radiates out to others who witness it.

Beauty comes from a complete and utter sense of security and sufficiency that leads to relaxation and poise. There is no sense of lack or desperation. Beauty is being self-possessed, not seeking admiration because there is no need.

Beauty is channeled from within and fills all your words and decisions. When you live a life of beauty, all your decisions come from a place of being self-centered and grounded. It’s never selfish because you don’t need to take anything from anyone else.

Beauty overflows into the room and into all of your actions so that others can benefit as well. Others experience a sense of goodness and rightness being around you. They understand on a deep level the natural state that resonates with their own soul. And that is why people love to be around someone who’s beautiful. Makeup will capture a look, but beauty is pure radiance and a feast for the soul.

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