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As a woman, you often get put into a “box” about your value to society, and what your aspirations should be. There are palpable limits placed upon us in all areas of our lives: from the personal and social arenas to the professional. There are very real societal markers about the status (or lack of it) that women currently endure, such as lower earnings for the same work, fewer women in positions of authority at large corporations and in government. We encounter pre-conceived notions about who we are and should be from family, friends, coworkers, and strangers.


Sometimes things are said directly to us, such as a suggestion that we should smile and look happy (because we are a woman). Other times the communication is more subtle, such as the automatic assumption that a male coworker be appointed the lead on a team, even when you (a woman) had originated the idea for the project. It could be something said to or about another woman you know, and you make the association to yourself (because you are also a woman).

These limiting remarks surround us. It can be difficult to withstand this continuous stream of prejudging. It can seep into your psyche and create boundaries for you that limit who you are and what you do. They can hold you back and keep you from fully expressing who you are.

We can’t change society overnight, but we can learn how to empower ourselves and the other girls and women in our lives. Authentic empowerment means feeling good about yourself, feeling good about being a woman, and pursuing whatever dreams and aspirations you hold for yourself.


Pursue Your Dreams!

You can fully own your life, make decisions based on who you are, what your values are, and what makes sense for you at the time. You can recognize the value and worth of your abilities, talents, and work in the world and express it. You can realize your amazing potential, and obtain the resources you need to fully develop it. You can bring that full expression and potential to fruition and allow it to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

We don’t all have the same mission in the world. But unleashing the potential of half of the world’s population should be a primary goal for every individual, society, and country. RelateGreat Premier Coaching Services has a mission to empower woman to lead glorious lives of their own choosing. We are proud to have donated over $10,000 worth of coaching towards our mission.

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