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Happy Couple

If you are tired of struggling with your partner, then let me share a secret with you. I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you what you need to know. The way to be happy long-term in your relationship is to have no expectations. When you have expectations, and they’re not met, then you feel disappointment. When you’re disappointed you’re not happy. And when your expectations are met there is no happiness, there is only a feeling of, “Of course, I knew it all along.”

Look at what happens when your expectations in your relationship are not met: you start trying to make your partner change. You want your partner to behave in a particular way and they don’t. You start prodding them and encouraging but it doesn’t work. You feel disappointed and frustrated that you’re efforts aren’t working. Then, you might get angry or try to force them to behave the way you want. If nothing works, you might give up and feel bitter and resentful.

Unmet expectations lead to bitter disappointments. This is the root of your dissatisfaction in your relationship. The solution and key to happiness is to let go of all expectation.

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