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What is mindfulness?

Have you tried the practice known as mindfulness? It is when you play close attention to each and every thing. This includes everything you notice outside of you with all of your senses, and everything inside such as how you feel emotionally and physically. It also means noticing your thoughts and realizing you are the consciousness that witnesses and creates your thoughts.

It is incredibly important to grasp this concept – that you can decide what to think. It makes all the difference in your experience of the world and yourself. You can change what to think about what happens to you, and what is happening around you.



Even more important – you can decide not to think at all when you feel like it! Now, you may be wondering why you would choose not to think. It might sound kind of crazy or weird. You might even worry about your safety if you stopped thinking!

How to Practice Mindfulness

When you first begin to practice mindfulness, you will get pulled away or distracted by the thoughts that arise. Gently, let go of the thought and return to simple awareness . . .

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