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What an amazing, awe-inspiring event!!!

I am fresh off the heels of the Women’s March, a day of solidarity for women across the globe. The event began as a march in Washington D.C. to inform our new president of women’s concerns, but it spread in sister marches across the globe. There were marches in Europe, Asia, the Middle East . . . even Antartica! Yes, there were marchers on all seven continents of the globe. In some cities the gatherings were in the tens of thousands, and it morphed into a rally because there were too many people to march. If all goes well, the marches will continue and it will turn into a movement that changes the world.

Here is a picture with me in the midst of a crowd.  My sign says, “Women’s Rights = Human Rights”.


There were so many beautiful women and supportive men at the march it was surprising and wonderful. The signs and sentiments were funny and smart, and expressed everything  that women hope for around the world. There was widespread rejection of sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and all forms of hate and discrimination. There was a call for love, inclusion, equality and peace. Millions of people demonstrated peacefully, on one day, in solidarity for what is fair and right, for women, for everyone, and for the world.

I know there were many women like me who felt afraid, offended, and alone after the election of Donald Trump. This march was healing for so many of us – to feel the solidarity and connection with millions of other caring people. Marching has never felt so right before! It was also incredibly empowering. On more than one occasion I started a chant — even I was surprised by the strength of my voice and how quickly and readily others joined in. I will never doubt the power of one voice to make a difference again!

If you were there, I’d LOVE to hear your experience and if you brought a sign, what it said.