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It happened again! A friend posted another one of those pesky lists with “advice” for women over 40!! But instead of discouraging me with all of its “You’re too old to” nonsense . . . it motivated me! Yup. It inspired me, a woman over 40 who actually knows what a woman over 40 should and shouldn’t do, to – instead of following their advice – to write my own *ahem* darn list. So, here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

What Women Over 40 Shouldn’t Do



  1. Worry about your appearance. Let’s get a few things straight, shall we? A woman’s purpose is not to visually stimulate others. Your worth is not contingent on the appearance of your body. The way you look should please you first and foremost, and your happiness with your looks is strictly an inside job. Stop comparing yourself to anyone else by obsessing over models in magazines, actresses, or social media stars. Break the mold and be your one and only you.
  2. Diet to be thin. Food choices should provide optimal health to your body and gustatory delight – that’s it. The main purpose of food is to fuel your activities and support the health of your body. Food choices shouldn’t be made based on what the scale says or whether you will fit into the currently prescribed cultural ideals. If you need to lose weight, do it to prevent type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, sleep apnea, back and foot pain, and any other medical condition related to obesity.
  3. Worry about what other people think of you. Stop listening to other people who tell you how to lead your life. You’re in charge of your life and no one can run it for you. Make your decisions based on what is best for you. If you do that, you’ll be healthy and happy. Allow others to do the same and find their own path. If we all did this we could live together in harmony.
  4. Spend all of your energies helping others. Women can be very nurturing by nature and by socialization, and that ability to help and support others can be taken advantage of. Don’t allow others to exploit your kindheartedness by directing all of your resources to benefit others. Limits are healthy! When we use our energies to help ourselves, we’re no longer dependent or a burden on others. We become self-empowered dynamos!
  5. Underestimate yourself. You may have heard that your choices were limited to what was socially acceptable for girls or women. Family members, teachers, or others may have set their sights for you at a lower bar. You don’t have to buy into this limited thinking. Your possibilities are truly unlimited. Your success is based more on the strength of your desire than any other factor, including how much money you currently have, level of education, and experience.
  6. Wait to do the things you want to do. The clock is ticking. You’ve reached an age where you have more power and status than you’ve ever had before. You’re old enough to call your own shots and young enough to be able to enjoy it. Don’t wait for others to allow, approve, encourage, condone, sanction, or otherwise give you the green-light to pursue your interests and desires. Just like there is “no right time to have a baby” there is no perfect time to make your dreams come true. You get to decide what to do and when. Go ahead and get started so your dreams don’t fade and turn into regrets. Strike while the iron is hot, baby!!
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