What is Mindfulness?


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What is mindfulness?

Have you tried the practice known as mindfulness? It is when you play close attention to each and every thing. This includes everything you notice outside of you with all of your senses, and everything inside such as how you feel emotionally and physically. It also means noticing your thoughts and realizing you are the consciousness that witnesses and creates your thoughts.

It is incredibly important to grasp this concept – that you can decide what to think. It makes all the difference in your experience of the world and yourself. You can change what to think about what happens to you, and what is happening around you.



Even more important – you can decide not to think at all when you feel like it! Now, you may be wondering why you would choose not to think. It might sound kind of crazy or weird. You might even worry about your safety if you stopped thinking!

How to Practice Mindfulness

When you first begin to practice mindfulness, you will get pulled away or distracted by the thoughts that arise. Gently, let go of the thought and return to simple awareness . . .

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Long-Term Happiness In Your Relationship


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This is a FEATURE ARTICLE of my exclusive newsletter, Unforgettable Embrace.

Happy Couple

If you are tired of struggling with your partner, then let me share a secret with you. I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you what you need to know. The way to be happy long-term in your relationship is to have no expectations. When you have expectations, and they’re not met, then you feel disappointment. When you’re disappointed you’re not happy. And when your expectations are met there is no happiness, there is only a feeling of, “Of course, I knew it all along.”

Look at what happens when your expectations in your relationship are not met: you start trying to make your partner change. You want your partner to behave in a particular way and they don’t. You start prodding them and encouraging but it doesn’t work. You feel disappointed and frustrated that you’re efforts aren’t working. Then, you might get angry or try to force them to behave the way you want. If nothing works, you might give up and feel bitter and resentful.

Unmet expectations lead to bitter disappointments. This is the root of your dissatisfaction in your relationship. The solution and key to happiness is to let go of all expectation.

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Why They Won’t Change For You


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photo of woman -Unsplash

Frustration.  Disappointment.  Again.

How can a relationship feel so painful?  Your partner, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is most likely the person who upsets you the most. How can this be, when they are supposed to be the one who loves you the most, the one who is supportive and on your side?

The more you care, the more it hurts. That’s why it’s much easier to ignore the “bad” behavior of strangers – we just don’t care that much about them.

But when it hits home, it’s hard to ignore. We start complaining and try to make it stop.

Do you think that if s/he just understood you better then they’d change their behavior? Then I have bad news for you. Even when partners understand, they rarely change their behavior. And it’s not because he or she doesn’t love you, because they do.

“Well then, if they love me so much then why do they treat me that way!?”

The key is in the word, “treat”. The idea that they way other people act around us is a type of “treatment” and a reflection of how much they value us. Actually, people act the way they do because it’s best for them. It’s what they’ve learned to do over time, it feels natural and it’s ingrained! They can’t just suddenly stop doing what they’ve always done!

Or, can they?

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Express Your Potential as a Woman


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As a woman, you often get put into a “box” about your value to society, and what your aspirations should be. There are palpable limits placed upon us in all areas of our lives: from the personal and social arenas to the professional. There are very real societal markers about the status (or lack of it) that women currently endure, such as lower earnings for the same work, fewer women in positions of authority at large corporations and in government. We encounter pre-conceived notions about who we are and should be from family, friends, coworkers, and strangers.


Sometimes things are said directly to us, such as a suggestion that we should smile and look happy (because we are a woman). Other times the communication is more subtle, such as the automatic assumption that a male coworker be appointed the lead on a team, even when you (a woman) had originated the idea for the project. It could be something said to or about another woman you know, and you make the association to yourself (because you are also a woman).

These limiting remarks surround us. It can be difficult to withstand this continuous stream of prejudging. It can seep into your psyche and create boundaries for you that limit who you are and what you do. They can hold you back and keep you from fully expressing who you are.

We can’t change society overnight, but we can learn how to empower ourselves and the other girls and women in our lives. Authentic empowerment means feeling good about yourself, feeling good about being a woman, and pursuing whatever dreams and aspirations you hold for yourself.


Pursue Your Dreams!

You can fully own your life, make decisions based on who you are, what your values are, and what makes sense for you at the time. You can recognize the value and worth of your abilities, talents, and work in the world and express it. You can realize your amazing potential, and obtain the resources you need to fully develop it. You can bring that full expression and potential to fruition and allow it to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

We don’t all have the same mission in the world. But unleashing the potential of half of the world’s population should be a primary goal for every individual, society, and country. RelateGreat Premier Coaching Services has a mission to empower woman to lead glorious lives of their own choosing. We are proud to have donated over $10,000 worth of coaching towards our mission.

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Every Woman Can Be Beautiful


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Every woman can be beautiful.

Beauty isn’t makeup — it’s a state of being. It’s complete acceptance and appreciation of yourself. It’s an inner recognition of all your gifts and worth.

Beauty isn’t dependent upon getting recognition from others. Beauty is when your essential nature shines and radiates out to others who witness it.

Beauty comes from a complete and utter sense of security and sufficiency that leads to relaxation and poise. There is no sense of lack or desperation. Beauty is being self-possessed, not seeking admiration because there is no need.

Beauty is channeled from within and fills all your words and decisions. When you live a life of beauty, all your decisions come from a place of being self-centered and grounded. It’s never selfish because you don’t need to take anything from anyone else.

Beauty overflows into the room and into all of your actions so that others can benefit as well. Others experience a sense of goodness and rightness being around you. They understand on a deep level the natural state that resonates with their own soul. And that is why people love to be around someone who’s beautiful. Makeup will capture a look, but beauty is pure radiance and a feast for the soul.

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Super Bowl Seriousness


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It’s a great game with amazing athletes, throngs of cheering crowds, tailgate parties, and hilarious and entertaining commercials. So, what’s all the seriousness about?


Back in the 90’s, Super Bowl Sunday began to be associated with domestic violence. There were claims that domestic violence incidents peaked on that day. While it turned out to be not true, the association was formed in many people’s minds, and it served to raise awareness about this important issue.

Real predictors of domestic violence are jealousy and possessiveness as well as verbal abuse. These warning signs show that one partner wants to control the other, and they will escalate into anger and violence if that control is threatened.

No one needs to live that way, in fear and under the constant threat of anger and violence.

That’s why I’m running *Super Bowl special* this week on my book, Ending Anger: The Couple’s Guide. The Kindle version is only $2.99 this week so get your copy now! You can also buy the paperback on Amazon and receive the Kindle version for only $0.99 more through their Matchbook program. Give the paperback to help a friend and keep the Kindle version for yourself!

Let’s all get involved to make domestic violence a thing of the past!

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Three Tips to Get Along with Your Family In the New Year


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Three Tips to Get Along with Your Family In the New Year 

group at table


It’s a holiday time! Time to be with your family and enjoy some vacation time. It’s supposed to be joyous and fun. But you can be under a lot of stress because of rushing around, spending money and dealing with traffic. You can also find your loved ones getting on your nerves as you are together more than usual.

I encourage you to begin thinking about how you’re going to keep yourself calm and relaxed during the new year. You may want to focus specifically on how you’re going to improve your relationships with your family in the coming months.  As you think about this, I have three pieces of advice that that I’d like to give you. You may use them to think about it and to help you stay calm and truly enjoy your holiday.

 1. Do not let things get to you emotionally

One way of doing this is to start by counting to 10 and think about how things could be good. Wait before responding to things that upset you. In reality things are not really as bad as they seem.

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